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Build the 3rd French player in innovation financing consulting.


Build the world leader in business performance, productivity and profitability consulting.

  • Jean-Michel Laveu, Associate Director of the “Initiative & Finance” fund presented Matthieu Gufflet, founder and Chairman of the EPSA group to Positive Capital.

  • EPSA is a group of services with more than 900 million euros in turnover, created in 2001 and operating in purchasing advice and operational organization, (BPO and subcontracting of supplies) and taxation & innovation with large account customers, mid-size companies or SMEs.

  • Positive Capital supports the EPSA group on the occasion of external growth opportunities either with a view to consolidating markets, or with the objective of diversifying its strategic activities (market places, SaaS models, etc.).

  • Positive Capital initiated 4 external growth processes with 1 actual closed transaction: acquisition of the Bloomoon consulting firm specializing in innovation.

  • Today, the result of strong organic development and a policy of sustained external growth which has enabled it to achieve more than 17 build-ups in 9 years, the group presents itself as a single point of contact with its customers.

With the acquisition of BLOOMOON,  EPSA strengthens its Innovation financing pool placing it in the top 3 in France with around 100 customers and 30 million euros in revenue.

In this still very fragmented market, BLOOMOON enjoys a good image and great expertise.

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