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Build the French leader in ticketing and access control for public sports facilities.


Elisath is a leading France-based ticketing software editor and access control integrator dedicated to sports infrastructures such as swimming pools and ice parks.

Since the diminution in the number of public sports facilities operators, those remaining have had to deal with a more than enough number of providers. Therefore, these operators have been progressively moving from a fragmented on-premise ticketing software to a unified cloud-based entitlement management solution.

Furthermore, public-owned facilities are a considerable income source for facilities. Hence, the same operators are investing in revenues management solutions such as CRM and Marketing Automation to boost facilities-related incomes.

As being the leader in swimming pools for more than 15 years, Elisath, with its comprehensive software solution, is well-positioned to seize those public-funding budgets and has currently visibility to double its revenues.

With a project to grow 50 to 100 employees, Elisabeth Ferlet, Elisath’s founder/President & CEO, do not consider being the right person to unleash Elisath’s growth potential, from which an ambitious corporate handover at a software market price.

Before we stepped into the process, our client received offers with substantial discounts due to the size and the access control integrator component of the business.

Thanks to a rigorous qualification of the prospective buyers and the highlighting of the impact of Elisath’s assets on their strategic objectives, we were able to set up a competitive process that allowed us to achieve a valuation 3 times higher.

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