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Tech M&A & Fundraising




Joined Positive Capital in 2016

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" I take pleasure in partnering with mission-driven entrepreneurs to be awarded the best deal possible without disrupting the business.

I feel alive when, during an M&A process, we combine the interests of a buyer and seller in a value-creating transaction."

My profile

I am a biotech engineer turned investment banker. I'm backing growth mindset entrepreneurs in increasing the probability, the velocity, and the scale of a deal.

The investment banking line of work is very comprehensive and requires a wide range of skills: sectoral knowledge, strategic anticipation, financial technicality, rigorous execution, creativity, and psychology.

I see myself as an entrepreneur by proxy! To best defend my client's interests, I take full ownership of their issues, connect with their state of mind, and be ambitious with them.

Indeed, an entrepreneur entrusts us with one of his most precious assets, the one he has sacrificed so much for. Each time an entrepreneur trusts us, I experience a profound sense of responsibility because I know I am involved in a critical moment in my client's life. I also feel great satisfaction by teaming up with entrepreneurs who are too often alone with their decisions.

Over time and through deals, I became convinced that by facilitating access to financing for growth companies or by stimulating the levers of value creation in the most dynamic sectors, I was contributing, in my way, to the economy's growth.

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