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Rudolphe MICHAU

Founding Partner




Joined Positive Capital in 2010

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" I enjoy collaborating with visionary entrepreneurs who have the courage to turn their dreams into reality. I learned to adapt with agility and rigor, to think differently without ever being complacent.

I deeply believe that the company is alive and that it is also part of an ecosystem with games of influence on which it depends.
For me, the vocation of the company is to serve and preserve the living."

My profile

When I created Positive Capital in 2010, I already had experience in entrepreneurship and investment banking.

I started my career as an entrepreneur by creating and developing SCHOLARIS, the first electronic marketplace dedicated to school purchases.

This was in the 2000s, when the digital economy ecosystem thought there would be no limit to internet values; then we experienced the bursting of the speculative bubble which put the creation of operational value at the center of the negotiations.

It was then that I joined a Swiss investment bank, specializing in cross-border transactions between Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy, where I managed major transactions in the sectors of the internet, energy and health.

Again, speculative stocks generated a second financial bubble that finally burst in 2008, taking out the investment bank I worked for.

With the support of my clients and on the strength of this dual experience of entrepreneurship and investment banking, I created Positive Capital, convinced of the need to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the skills usually reserved for large groups.

With more than 80 companies supported, I am proud today to make my contribution to help shareholders and managers unlock the growth potential of their company.

Our work requires rigorous execution, down to the smallest detail.

In more than 10 years and with my team, we have developed a corporate culture and business processes allowing our clients to understand and control the key success factors of an operation.

My ambition today is to grow the Positive Capital brand on a European scale by vertically developing resources and uniting the private equity ecosystem around the values ​​we defend: capital useful to people and the planet, inclusive economy and new territories for responsible development.

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