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Provide a complete IoT infrastructure, from design to data management.


Yesitis is a vertically fully-integrated IoT development company. 

  • Emmanuel Ranc, co-founder and CEO of Yesitis met Positive Capital during a fundraising seminar at the CCI Puy-de-Dôme Clermont Auvergne Métropole.

  • The Yesitis Group specializes in the design, production and management of industrial IoT, in the fields of mobility, energy and agriculture.

  • Positive Capital organized Serie A for € 8.7 million alongside the founding leaders to become the French leader in industrial IoT.

  • Yesitis produces some 500,000 connected objects per year. After five years of existence, the group has 150 employees. It has become a benchmark player with major manufacturers such as Michelin, Stellantis and Engie.

  • Today, the Yesitis group is also involved in innovative and promising projects, around new satellite networks with on-board artificial intelligence. The probes and stations developed make it possible to capture data at ground or air level, and GPS positions.

The group helps Enterprise customers transform their incumbent core business and become data-driven through an IoT innovation process.

In the beginning, Yesitis was an engineering office with a proprietary cloud-based IoT platform. They have acquired an IoT-specialist production plant along the way.

Since a latency in the IoT revolution adoption by corporate, investors have adopted a wait-and-see approach regarding most of the new IoT-related deals. Besides, Yesitis bet on a fully-integrated model in a context where investors are favoring asset-light models over capital-intensive ones.

Before we stepped into the process, Yesitis management struggled with defending the relevance of their approach and proposing an attractive investment thesis.

Thanks to our ability to account for the essential nature of the industrial component in order to ensure long-term profit margin durability, we managed to set up a competitive process yielding to 9m€ Series A, 30% higher than the initial funding requirement.

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