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Develop French leadership in location-based mobile advertising.


  • Jérôme Leger and Julien Chamussy created AdMoove in 2010, the French challenger of digital geomarketing. One of their founding shareholders introduced them to Positive Capital.

  • Positive Capital organized the reorganization of the capital structure which resulted in a sale to the group AdUX group present in 13 countries.

  • As specialist in media intelligence and geolocated data, Admoove delivers mobile and desktop media effectiveness campaigns on a daily basis, generating traffic at the point of sale. 1.5 billion PGS coordinates collected and analyzed per month. The Insights drawn from the study of this physical and behavioral data make it possible to target consumers as closely as possible to the act of purchase.

  • Today, AdMoove has been acquired by ANTLIA Investments B.V. shareholder of Azerion Holding BV, dutch group specializing in digital advertising and publishing of online video games.

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